A discussion on the youtube channel the finebros

It seems odd that the protection reason and duration would be found not in the edit window or talk page, but among the actual text of the article. Posts 3, God some of you people are morons The Elders React series replaces young children and teenagers with the elderly, including Benny and Rafi's father, Yehuda.

Royel and Emma R. Thanks to the trick being revealed early, the bulk of the reactions was basically the elders laughing their heads off at the poor victims. Guess That Pizza Challenge", despite being told that they'll be trying different delivery franchise pizzas, Jayka guesses Chuck E. Invoked in " Kids React to Old Computers " - pretty much all the kids found the monitor switch and expected that to start the old rig up.

By the time he returns to the series as part of the Adults cast, said twin brother, Jeremy, shows up with him as a reactor himself. Depending on the video or topic, Adults React will be specific of which type of adults are going to be reacting, such as parents or young adults.

Videos that become licensed after they are posted will be removed. Is there a reason why the list stops at 20?

Chelsea wears the same flannel shirt she wore on her debut during her final Teens episode before graduating to Adults. React to That'' was formatted differently from the web series: In an editing dispute such as this one, there only needs to be a lock symbol in the upper right hand corner of the page.

In the following days, several well-known vloggers on YouTube began sharing their reactions to the Fine Bros' announcement. The "Reaction Tennis Tab" this is where you get challenged to react to someones reaction however and this was inspired from YTP Tennis the tennis matches end when ether the original video can't be viewed by the end or the reactor says "End Of Tennis Match" in the video.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, Youtube should've just stayed as a repository of cat videos, and not implemented any kind of monetization schemes into it, at all.

Franchising one of YouTube's biggest shows? Simply deleting your post may cause the spam filter to catch future ones. People would've uploaded their free videos, absolutely for free for everyone, with zero advertising, and zero ways of making money off of it. I understood that just by watching the original video The whole thing actually started with "Teens React to Catching Fire", when Jade gave out numerous spoilers to the film.

Comically Missing the Point: Why should people be able to do that? In Elders React, Richard's "Kind of leaves you speechless, doesn't it.

Additionally, these subscriber counts are approximations. The popularity of Kids React made it possible for the online series to win a special Emmy Award at the 39th Daytime Emmy Awards in I am sure Elen did not create the YT account for her show.

In the video, they claimed they were not attempting to copyright "reaction videos" but were merely trying to license to those who wished to use their exact format shown below.

Majority of the YouTubers cast were covered by the Kids, Teens, and even the Elders long before their proper debut on the show. This makes sense, and "channels" means something different in Youtube lingo, but users implies individuals, and that isn't quite right, either.

On January 31st, the brothers released an update video in which they attempted to address many concerns about their "React World" licensing program. I know this response may be a little late, but the set number the list should be in should be about NO they aren't fucking trying to profit from all the reaction videos on youtube.

Or the Golden Gay Bridge? The "Random Art Of Reactors Tab" where if some of the viewers of you're reactions which to post something funny related to the reactor or something unique to that reactor this is where share it.

In recent days she's been growing out of that, or at least she's better at expressing itReact (sometimes stylized in all caps as REACT) is a media franchise used by the Fine Brothers consisting of several online series centering on a group of individuals reacting to viral videos, trends, video games, film trailers, or music videos.

React was also the first react channel on YouTube. Feb 01,  · Finebros on youtube commiting channel suicide. First link is a stream on Youtube that shows their sub count dropping in real time Second video is their announcement (The dislike to like ratio). Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place.

Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just for you. Their youtube channel was taken down in I updated my comment above. EDIT: Downvoted?

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There was quite a spirited discussion on what shitbags FineBros were on this page http. Welcome to /r/YouTube, a community for the intelligent discussion of YouTube, its announcements, features, bugs, design, channels, and trends. lietuvosstumbrai.com Please read the rules before posting, or posts may be removed.

Youtube – FineBros' channel. Wikipedia – MyMusic.


Wikipedia – YouTube Original Channel Initiative. lietuvosstumbrai.com – Fine Bros Anouncement Blog Post. Kotaku – Popular Youtubers Try to Trademark React. The Guardian – Network Plan Sparks Backlash. Youtube – Sabconth. Youtube – SCRUFFY JC. Although the channel suffered for quite a while, things seem to have gone back to normal, since they ultimately issued an apology and have cancelled plans for "React World".

All main React episodes can be found on Fine Brothers Entertainment's YouTube channel here.

A discussion on the youtube channel the finebros
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