A report explaining the marketing strategy of indias bajaj auto

Most of the users of Pulsar are satisfied after the purchase. The firms that are not the market leaders but aim to become the leaders can attack the leader and other competitors in an aggressive bid to increase its market share, as a market challenger. Plus the brand name of Bajaj evokes a sense of assurance in the minds of parents, the buyers.

At rank by Forbes Global list. Thus, we can see that the customers of Pulsar are more often the youth of the country. Posted in Products, Total Reads: Are you satisfied with the warranty period given by Bajaj Pulsar? Bajaj hopes the quadricycles will catch on in countries where three-wheelers are widespread, and has sent samples for test runs in Sri Lanka, Colombia and Kenya.

Post this consumer evaluates Pulsar by comparing the features and attributes offered individually by each alternative.

The sub segmentation based on the model variant is 1. Hassel-free bike for daily usage 3. In the financial yearit sold close to 3.

India's Bajaj to launch four-wheel vehicle but it's not a car

During the 60s, 70s and 80s there was a year waiting period for its products. However the firm faced a major crisis in the 90s and the early years of the new century due to increased competition from both foreign and domestic markets. Bajaj Auto realized the need to reach out to target audiences through the correct use of promotional activities and advertising campaigns.

Bike weight and silencer corrosion issues, engine over heating problems. The final report must be of a professional standard. The automobile segment is much more influenced by the commercial and experiential sources of information. The friends had the second highest influence on the customers to purchase the Bajaj Pulsar.

People generally play five roles in the buying process- initiator, influencer, decider, buyer, and user. The federal government is expected to allow quadricycles from October 1.

The fuel delivery is smoother in ZMR across all ranges. It is important for the marketers to fully understand the theory and reality of consumer behaviour. This section helped us understand how bike makers cater to various segments through various offerings. Customers are dissatisfied if their expectations are not met, satisfied when their expectations are met and delighted when the product exceeds their expectations.

Competing in the international market: This is very useful in designing the communication strategy. First is the attitude of others.

Accordingly, the sources or factors of competitive advantage based on the several functions performed by a business enterprise can be grouped under the following functional categories: Bajaj Auto produces a variety of two and three wheelers for India and international markets.

Bajaj Auto as an automotive giant in India is armed to the tooth with this knowledge and realizes that low cost of purchase as well as overall low cost of ownership are key elements to the above philosophy. Bajaj Auto produces and exports automobiles, scooters, motorcycles and auto rickshaws.

Bajaj Auto has got an extremely competitive pricing strategy in its marketing mix.

First model under Bajaj-Triumph partnership to be a 500cc single - Report

Developing and having competitive advantage over competitors is necessary not only in business, but in all walks of human life.

For example, some firm may have competitive advantage in production by having flexible production system; some big firm may gain the competitive edge because of size; a small-scale enterprise may have the flexibility in functioning.

Combined with the DTS-i Digital Twin Spark-ignition technology which maximizes combustion to deliver enhanced power and superior mileage with low emissions, the Pulsar LS has one of the most efficient production engines ever.

Product design and development capabilities 3. Solved November 10, 1. This will, in turn, bring down the cost of heart surgeries manifold. Managers executives, college students belonging to families belonging to above average income strata 3.

Geographic Segmentation divides the market into geographical units such as nations, states, regions, countries, cities or neighbourhoods.

Learning from emerging markets: An interview with Bajaj Auto’s Rajiv Bajaj

The second factor is unanticipated situational factors that may erupt to change the purchase intention. Product design and development capabilities.Marketing Mix of Bajaj Auto analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Bajaj Auto marketing strategy.

The article elaborates the pricing, advertising & distribution strategies used by the company. Here, we are presenting the “Competitive Advantage Profile (CAP)” of Bajaj Auto Limited as an illustration.

It will help you better understand about the sources of. Strategies for the Overseas Markets: Bajaj Auto looks at external markets primarily with three strategies: 1) A market where all BAL need to do is distribute through CKD or CBU routes.

2) Markets where BAL need to create new products/5(15). Bajaj Auto Limited (BAL) is the flagship company of Bajaj group, one of India's well-known leading business lietuvosstumbrai.com aim of the report is to provide BAL with a comprehensively researched and analyzed report which will help it develop an effective marketing strategy for their future growth in both its domestic and international market.

Introduction Bajaj Group is one of the oldest & largest conglomerates based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The group comprises 34 companies & its flagship company Bajaj Auto is ranked as the world's fourth largest two- and three-wheeler manufacturer. Bajaj Auto produces and exports automobiles, scooters, motorcycles and auto rickshaws.

OctoberMotorcycles sold in a month. July Bajaj WindThe World Bike, is launched in India. Bajaj Auto launched its Caliber "Hoodibabaa!" in the executive motorcycle February segment.

November Bajaj Auto launches its latest offering in the premium bike segment ‘Pulsar’.

A report explaining the marketing strategy of indias bajaj auto
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