An analysis of sundaras character in children of the river by linda crew

Her character begins as very stubborn and strict and changes to that of a caring person. These patterns of behaviour distances Sundara from her aunt, turning her partially rebellious side towards her family.

Instead, he asked the younger architect to assist him with his project. Not Nathan Jonathan Tep Naro: I knew nothing about the history and culture of Cambodia, so I spent a year in research before I ever started writing the first rough draft of the book.

Children of the River by Linda Crew - PDF free download eBook

The Kmher Rouge, a communist group bent on taking over Cambodi…a, sacked the village she was in to help her aunt, Soka, deliver a baby. When Sundara cried, she swam in tears that were drowning her. This holds true for many characters in Children of the River, a story that tells the true nature of change.

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Linda Crew

Structures[ edit ] The complex includes a number of major buildings. Sundara also cannot help herself from admiring himSoon he befriends her, asking to interview her about her life in Cambodian Sundara is shy about her family history; She has trouble opening up to him. They know that the names of the two cows were Gopiand Brinda.

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Children of the River

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Children of the River by Linda Crew Children of the River is an excellent portrayal of immigration by the Cambodian refugees during the Vietnam War.

Linda Crew provided an candid look at the Cambodian people, their ordeals, their likes, their dislikes, their talents, and their fallacies. Sundara Sovann is the main character of Children of the River.

She and her aunt, uncle, grandmother, and younger cousins flee to America in (Crew 1). Throughout the course of the book, Sundara suffers from an urge to please her Aunt Soka. In the story, Children of the River, by Linda Crew, contains all the structural essentials of a narrative.

Soka’s Character in Children of the River

The story's basic situation, climax, and resolution are very evident and clear. Juliet of Cambodia Meets Romeo of America.

Linda Crew's Children of the River () is a Romeo and Juliet story between a Cambodian refugee and a white American boy. It follows Sundara Sovann's.

Children of the river by Linda Crew is another book with an immigration theme.

Children of the River by Linda Crew

The main character Sundara leaves Cambodia with her aunts family to escape the communist Khmer Rouge army and heads to the U.S. She is only thirteen and she leaves behind family including her parents, her brother, sister, and a boy she has cared about since she was young.

An analysis of sundaras character in children of the river by linda crew
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