Concepts in multimedia

Combination of particular sectors requires also simultaneous compliance of cartel law, protection of competition, and consumer protection. Media Containers It is rare to store a raw audio or video stream as a computer file, or to send one directly over the network.

Jenkins highlights the meaning of the divergence of devices in content convergence. How do the advertisements for different categories of kid-oriented products differ from one another?

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Cultural Attitudes towards Communication and Technologyed. There are many companies who offer products and services to companies. Convergence, to a greater extent, means the involvement of users in production and promotion.

Top 100 Multimedia Concepts in September

This structure is typical of many but not all container formats. An application could generate the container in real time, never storing it to a file.

Most of all, it follows the development of the Internet, e-business, multimedia and IT applications, the growth of the computing power and its prices decrease It communicates information about products or ideas.

Also a number of convergence typologies appear. For an internet ad which is placed on different website homepages, if the company or brand has an online website too, the number of clicks which direct the customer to the company website measures the impact of the ad.

It occurs on the plane of infrastructure and transporting that corresponds to convergence of devices and network convergence.

We are constantly sending, receiving, and making meaning in various kinds of media, often conveying and interpreting meaning from one medium to another. Uses the stylistic and rhetorical aspects of writing Language Arts Standard 9: Apart from the ones discussed above, advertising can be done through transit signs i.

Shepherdson, Routledge, London, Answer within 50 words. Any text, therefore, is always at least double, presupposing, incorporating, and transforming an other voice, text, discourse.


Usually, a media file contains either a single audio stream, or exactly one video stream and one audio stream. Corporate convergence is accompanied by dynamic and bilateral relation.

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B It can persuade the consumers to buy products, services, and ideas. For example- carry bags, membership cards, free merchandise like caps or bags, etc. Fagerjord, Digitization… 50 G. In both sections different essays could have been chosen. The content of this site has been produced by teachers and examiners.

Regional advertising If the manufacturer confines his advertising to a single region of the country, its promotional exercise is called Regional Advertising. Then, ask students to discuss as a class why each advertisement they have brought to class is or is not successful. Although the reconstructed audio will not match the original exactly, it will sound the same to the listener.

Everyone knows how to draw boxes, squiggled lines and arrows. Conversely, a service that was provided in the past by any one medium — be it broadcasting, the press or telephony — can now be provided in several different physical ways.Internet & Networking Key Concepts.

Looking to learn more about networking or the internet and how it works? You came to the right place. Internet & Network. Basics What Are the Top Wireless Media Hubs for Personal Networks? Article. Ever Heard of Bluetooth DUN? Here's How It.

An Introduction to Key Concepts in Media Studies

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This explains two of the major complaints many people have about media: 1) Less popular or new ideas can have a hard time getting aired, especially if.

Concepts in multimedia
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