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The joint family system is a feature of agricultural societies. Money can be saved for future achievement and to face uncertain crisis of family. He handled the economic and social decisions on behalf of the family.

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The structure of the nuclear family is not the same everywhere. Modern family is a typical example of nuclear family. As it is an autonomous unit, it is free from the social control of elders. The nuclear family depends very much on incest taboos. The joint family system thrives on love and respect.

Any member who brings in extra money has equal status. Joint family is definitely a boon always. The property of the family is divided among the brothers and each live separately. Hence, a nuclear family is an autonomous unit free from the control of the elders.

The other factor that gave rise to nuclear families is industrialisation. Its solidarity largely depends on sexual attractions and the companionship between husband and wife and between parents and children. But as the nuclear families tend to become the order of the day, the older generations have come to accept the reality.

Based on their experience of two fundamentally different models of family, some people have suggested a new model. This forced men and women to move out of their family home and away from parents.

After completion of household task, the housewife becomes alone at home. Since there is physical distance between parents and their married children, there is minimum interdependence between them. Everyone wants live with that family who helps in any problem at every walk of life.

Each thing has to be shared. The nuclear family gives a lot of freedom from traditions, orthodoxy and old ways of life. No superiority complex is felt by anybody. Feeling of loneliness is one of important drawbacks in nuclear family. Each family member must stand by another when in need.

So, old parents and grandparents should not be deprived of the love and care of the near and dear ones. If our family model is based on tolerance, togetherness and warmth, it will be reflected positively in society at large.

Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family - What's your choice?

No one in the family bothers to take care of them. They feel lonely and emotional insecure. All members of nuclear family are emotional secured.

Essay on joint family vs. nuclear family system

Living under one roof does not have to be about transgressing the personal space of the members. The womenfolk never find time to look after their children for they remain busy in the household work. Our idea of considering it as a possible model for future families is probably right.

Nuclear Family System Article shared by In India, the joint family system has been in existence since ancient times. Each member in the joint family needs love and care. They become unsocial as they do not get opportunity to mix with other members of the family. Since there is physical distance between parents and their married children, there is minimum interdependence between them.

Joint Family vs Nuclear Family Essay

Old customs and traditions are enforced without finding out the views of the young. Peace and harmony are very much essential for a pleasant family life.The individual nuclear family is a universal social phenomenon.

Duncan Mitchell in his ‘Dictionary of sociology has defined nuclear family as ‘A small group composed of husband and wife and immature children which constitutes a unit apart from the rest of the community.”. Read this essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Joint Family.

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Family Advantages Of The Nuclear Family While discussing about the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear family, the first and foremost.

I had had first hand experience of living in a joint family. I could write a thesis on the subject. Fair Use Policy; Help Centre; Notifications. Views On The Joint Family System English Literature Essay.

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd I would see how to make out a case for breaking out into a nuclear unit without creating. Nov 21,  · This feature is not available right now.

Please try again later. A joint family comprises members of the family that are related one another and share a common ancestry, religion, and property. All the working members of the family pool together what they earn and ha them over to the head who is usually the eldest.

In a joint family system, the number of dependents living under the roof is much living with a joint family may include, in addition to the above, grandparents, married brothers, sisters, wives of sons, grandsons, granddaughters, other dependents and relatives.

Essay on nuclear and joint family
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