Indian and the cupboard book report

Omri's big brother has no birthday present for him, so he gives Omri an old medicine cabinet he's found. Little Bear tells Omri to send the man back, but Omri is reluctant, worried that no one will find his body if he was alone when Omri summoned him. Don't miss my interview with author Lynne Reid Banksone of my biggest writing heroes.

Omri is accosted by a bigger boy who takes his money. Later that night, Omri and Patrick find the key jammed between two floor boards and accidentally push it down out of sight while trying to retrieve it.

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Boone and Little Bear, like the common behavior between cowboys and Indians, initially are enemies, eventually becoming involved in a shootout, but are forced to behave themselves.

In the morning, he heard noises coming from the cabinet, and the Indian was alive!

The Indian in the Cupboard

After Omri gives Little Bear tools, sticks and some paper, Little Bear crafts a longhouse and eagerly talks of hunting and sharing stories with Omri over a fire, as he does with his own people. Just before saying goodbye, Omri has a vision of a life-sized Little Bear telling him that when he returns to his own time, he will take Omri on as his nephew.

He then looks for an object to lock in the cupboard and settles for the Indian figurine. The trouble was that although grown-ups usually knew what to do, what they did was very seldom what children wanted to be done.

Omri put the Indian in the cabinet and locked it. Educational Value Kids will learn a little about Iroquois history and culture as well as the relationship between cowboys and Indians in the s, plus a bit about WWI.

Then takes him outside to try out his little horse. What matters is that Omri and his friend Partick are talking and their school day is flying by so we can get back to the Indian, which is who we really want to read about. Chapter 5-tommy In this chapter Little is injured and Omri has to come up with a way to fix him.

It's true that "he burbled" jolted me out out of the story in a way that "he said" would not have. Eventually, Omri reveals his secret to his friend Patrick who immediately wants to get in on the fun. Omri starts to be really Protective of Little bull. The secrecy increases the tension and the outcome.

Due to a combination of guilt and wanting to prove his maturity, Omri volunteers to go buy the new set of blades on his own. Although their mother supplies a key, the cabinet still doesn't seem like much of a present.

Chapter 7-Univited Brothers In this chapter Omris brothers come into his room and sees all of Little bulls stuff,Omri starts to get really angry by now and starts yelling at them alot.

Book of the Week is simply the best book I happened to read in a given week. In fact, she wisely avoids most of the potential larger issues that a lesser writer might have worried over such as: Boone makes a slightly lascivious comment.

But I took lots of notes and I want to share them with you. I definitely think it would have been a much better read if I were a kid, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Little Bear the Indian in the title explains that he is mourning his wife.

Boone makes a slightly lascivious comment. He really wants to tell his best friend Patrick and hes parents but he knows he can't becasue it could put little bull in danger.

The Indian In The Cupboard Free Essay, Term Paper and Book Report

Their cover is nearly blown when Patrick almost shows Boone and Little Bear now friends to some classmates, and he and Omri began arguing in the hallway. There are 4 more books in the series.The Indian In The Cupboard Free Essay, Term Paper and Book Report The Indian In The Cupboard The Indian in the Cupboard For this month s book report I read a book called The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks.

This book was about a boy named Omri and his small Indian toy. That is the real story of The Indian In The Cupboard () and its sequels, one I didn’t appreciate until than anything else, the first book is about stereotypes and the.

Full Book Notes and Study Guides. Sites like SparkNotes with a The Indian in the Cupboard study guide or cliff notes. Also includes sites with a short overview, synopsis, book report, or summary of Lynne Reid Banks’s The Indian in the Cupboard.

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Theme: My chosen theme is The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks. I would like my 4th graders to study this theme for several reasons. This is a great piece of literature for 4th graders to read, and it will be a great way to incorporate a study of Native Americans into the curriculum.

SUMMARY- The book Indian In The Cupboard is about a kid named Omri and an Indian called Little Bear he gets from his best friend Patrick. He also got a skateboard, a mysterious cupboard from his brother, and a key that fit the lock of the cupboard perfect. Try out The Indian in the Cupboard Book Unit before you buy it with these free samples including vocabulary, comprehension, writing, and language arts.

Try out The Indian in the Cupboard Book Unit before you buy it with these free samples including vocabulary.

Indian and the cupboard book report
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